Some of the Brands we stock

Bell & FOX

Contemporary, luxurious handmade handbags and accessories, sourced responsibly, and designed with a British spirit, for the woman with effortless style.


From his parents' studio to fashion design studies, Frédéric Krief, from a very young age, dresses his life with his passion: fashion. As a matter of course, he founded Berenice in 2004. From basic and chic knits, feminine colors and elegant cuts. "I chose Berenice's name because it's a name that conveys a timeless image, both classic and elegant. "


The sustainable fashion label that has brought camo into the spotlight once again. With wearers like Dua Lipa and Stormzy the upcycled camo jacket with gold studded messages is becoming the de riguer jacket. The fledgling British label is now known all over the world with a huge following in the US, especially New York. Stateside fans include Taylor Schilling, Lisa Rinna, Brittany Furlan and Tommy Lee. Em Roberts, founder of Bird + Wolf started the company when a woman bought the self customised camo jacket she was wearing off her back. She started making a few more using camo jackets sourced from Asia, then after a lightbulb moment she switched to ex army. 'The answer had been staring me in the face. My mother had a boutique selling second hand designer clothes in the 80's and 90's. Use the real thing! Second hand army jackets! The jackets just have a really amazing feel about them. You can just throw them on with just about anything! 


The ChloBo brand is built around the freedom of global travel and the spirit of adventure that it brings. Everything is hand crafted, to order, here in the UK. Chlobo are the original stacking brand and the bracelets and charms lead the product offer along with carefully designed layering necklaces that come in many lengths and are designed to move beautifully with you.

Chlobo ambition as a brand is to inspire women of all ages, cultures and styles with the confidence to enhance and express their own individuality.

 More products soon to be added to our online shop.

Citizens of Humanity

Citizens of Humanity captivates the fashion world with a rigorous commitment to cutting edge denim styling, comfort and fit without compromise. Before they are in your hands, each pair of Citizens jeans passes through the hands of at least forty others. Whenever you purchase your Citizens jeans, each and every product has been crafted with integrity.


Handmade accessories from painted enamel alloys. Fun jewellery that colours your world!


Don't Tell Mama was founded by brother and sister Claire & May in 2014 in order to create and design the most epic t-shirts. After finding the exact fabrics, the right cut and the uncompromising details - the brand was born.  Ready-to-wear iconic fashion pieces for all womankind.

 Most tees styles are limited addition and describe all sorts of moods & cheeky captions. Many pieces are one-size-fits all cuts, fitting a variety of builds across the size and shape spectrum.


Dedicated to designing and making beautiful luxury faux fur products that last from their own factory in the Devon countryside. Helen Moore faux fur is an ideal substitute for real fur. It is cruelty-free and guaranteed to be free from harmful chemicals.  Quality over quantity is an important part of the Helen Moore ethos.


Jim Rickey

Jim Rickey was founded in Stockholm 2006 born with the idea to offer products high in quality, with minimalistic and timeless design, at a fair price. This is still their goal and objective. Over the past 15 years, they have developed, learned and changed, for the better and are constantly working with suppliers to continue the work with environmental awareness so that we can all be a part of the future.


Named after the breathtaking island of Kandima, @Kandhyma was born from the love of travel, beauty, luxury and wonder.

From here, each collection is lovingly handmade in Spain with local craftsman who bring gorgeous elements of design and flavor into their creations.

Kandhyma’s line of sophisticated, feminine designs are the perfect accessories to take with you on an island adventure or out to the most cultured exotic destination. 

The Kandhyma designs are sure to compliment any outfit!

Kobi Halperin

For the women who “celebrate getting dressed every day,” Kobi is known for his unique designs and his love for detail. Deeply inspired by his Eastern European roots and heritage,  Kobi’s collections are made with luxurious fabrics and beautiful hand-worked embellishments.  Accredited for creating an aspirational yet accessible label, Kobi bridges the gap between timelessness and trend and continues to build a dynamic brand with a global reach, through smart design and a distinct point of view.

Laura Orchant

uxury print designer Laura Orchant has been creating high quality, hand-crafted wearable art since 2012. Each print combines bold colourways with sumptuous natural fabrics to create unique pieces, full of personality and style.  An LO print encapsulates effortless elegance and timeless chic. Each design is hand-drawn, then digitised and manipulated into fractal bursts of colour, and printed in Como, Italy. All the collections are made of the highest quality fabrics such as silk, Modal eco fabric, and cashmere, perfect for those looking to make a sartorial statement. Laura often takes her influences from nature, focusing on those small details often overlooked- bird feathers, or wild flowers for example- and creating something extraordinary. 


Lindsey Brown is the creative talent behind a British designer brand. Her collection is that perfect mix of dreamy resort wear silk dresses and timeless cotton styles to wear day or night, from daytime beachwear to sunset glamour. Resort wear is a look and style and our fashion collections transcend through the seasons, with tops that can take you anywhere. The label is a curated edit of feminine and flattering pieces, in a mix of both effervescent and warm colours, echoing Lindsey’s personal fashion style.

NKN Nekane

KN Nekane was born in Barcelona in 2002 as a result of the union of our two passions: fashion and unique product designs.

The feminine, romantic and stylish woman, who incorporates fashion into her way of life, is the axis on which they create their collection.

Be inspired by the romantic bohemian style of the Spanish label NKN Nekane

Odd Molly

Odd Molly is a loving brand with high ambitions but a brand that will never take itself too seriously. The Odd Molly mind loves to submit to it's appetite for more, always being damn fabulous meanwhile.

Odd Molly started as a tribute to Molly, a skater girl in Venice Beach in the ‘80s who followed her own path in life and dared to chase her dreams. Odd Molly's goal is to inspire others to do the same. Collection by collection, Odd Molly is paving the way for more Mollys in the world - by helping to realise their most impossible, adventurous and “odd” dreams.


Casual chic, Italian made women's clothing for a fashionable outfit anytime you want. Sophisticated textures and patterns, smart and modern. An original creative impulse. Otto translated means 8 which stands for the 8 women who created the Brand. D'Ame, meaning breath, the life infused into their dream.

Madeleine thompson

Madeleine Thompson is a leading British cashmere luxury lifestyle brand. Having grown up in both London and Hong Kong, Madeleine melds her experiences and perspectives from both ends of the globe into one unique design aesthetic. Known for her contemporary, chic shapes, and fierce approach to pattern and colour, her brand has become a go to destination for women seeking the stylish and unexpected take on their everyday knitwear essentials.

Patrizia pepe

The passion of Patrizia Bambi (Creative Director) combined with the entrepreneurial spirit of Claudio Orrea (President), culminated in the creation of Patrizia Pepe. Florence, 1993. The name “Pepe” was immediately identified with an irreverent sensuality, made of contrasts and opposites. From this moment on, women could now recognise themselves in a brand which seamlessly combines everyday practicality with glamour for all those important moments, from morning to evening.

Pink Powder

Pink Powder is the ultimate lifestyle brand in handcrafted jewellery and accessories, full of colour, movement and traditional craftsmanship.

Rabens Saloner

When you carry a garment from Rabens Saloner, you stand out. If not by the design, then by the luxurious fabrics, that are often handmade and hand-dyed by small artisans in Asia.

"I like women that dress for themselves and create their own identity. Personality is important, but you have to dress accordingly. I design for women like that – women with a strong sense of personality. And I want you to feel good in my clothes.” Raben Olrik.


REIKO is a ready-to-wear label from France. Reiko is the must-have trouser brand for effortless, casual style. Reiko creates smooth cut styles combining seasonal colours or worked denim. With fine fabrics that are soft to the touch, it’s all about comfort as well as style.

Scotch and Soda

Scotch & Soda is a team of discoverers and collectors scouring the globe for that painting, poem, vintage piece, ruin, or artefact that sparks our never-ending curiosity. Treasures uncovered on worldly wanders are poured into collections and signature looks that clash eras, classics, places of inspiration; mashing unexpected fabrics and patterns.


Founded in Copenhagen in year 2000. The style is Scandinavian with a chic and modern French touch. The design philosophy and aim is to create a relevant wardrobe that embodies all the comfort and confidence a woman needs to express her personal look. Sustainable clothing plays a large part in each collection - look out for the sustainable choice in each collection.

suncoo paris

Colour combos, vibrant prints, details galore, perfect cuts...
Oh so Parisian and contemporary, SUNCOO, born in 2010 from the encounter of two connoisseurs, Stella and Thomas, injects a whole lot of freedom into the female wardrobe.


Offering a style that is complete, romantic and with a character that can vary according to each person’s unique and inimitable personality. It is this style that she wears in daily life and for important occasions. It is an image that has become established yet continues to evolve over time: increasingly total, modern, abounding in inspiration and projected into the world.